Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Silly Camping Memories

Lots of Phase 10.


Gabe was ready to some Bison tipping. We convinced him just to take a photo.

Sister silliness abounded!

and more ...

Sleep you ask?? For one I guess.

Daddy love.

and us!
Last one! The trip was more than I could ask for. Loved every moment with my family. No stress, just fun. Ok.. one stressful moment when we thought the trailer was broke. But that quickly passed. Yellowstone memories.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guatemala Bound!

Yep.. all we need for one week right here in these packs INCLUDING our sleeping bags and mat. Oh yes we can.

Well... this is it. The time is now. Guatemala, here we come... in service for Christ. It's 9:49pm and I will be up to SHOWER, yes shower at 2:40 am. And blow dry my hair....much to my husband's dismay. Uh huh. Last time for 8 days. There are 35 of us going. As I type this my girls keep walking in and asking questions... Becca: Is this good or this one. (books) Me: Their both good. Take that one though. Becca: Oh I'm bringing more than 2 books. Boo: That's gonna be a lot of extra weight. Silence. I think Bec will be taking more than 2 books. Keep us in your prayers this week. There is supposed to be rain. No biggie, we can handle getting wet. The biggie: our hearts. I think we are going to be GREATLY impacted.
So.. my list of must-dos. We all have one. Missions. Always has been and always will be. After 20 years of marriage, finally, finally, I'm going. A dream come true! Next time... my man's coming too. I guess 2010 is a dream making year for me.
I'm hangin' on. Let the ride begin.

Here Fishy, Fishy

My boy caught himself a trout! He put in back into the crate, let the thing live all day and then asked me how to kill it. I told him to go down and talk to the fishermen by the bank. After deciding to bang its head against something, he was guilt ridden.
I think he needs to fish more.

Beautiful Beautiful

Isn't God's handwork perfect in everyway? Gotta give credit where credit is due!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wild Life in Yellowstone

We saw this. "It" visited us daily in camp trying to steal our food.
We saw this.
And we saw this. We never saw a single bear or moose. We went searching for Wild Life almost daily at just the right they, whoever they are, say.
And when I came home, I went to my girlfriends house, saw some horns sticking out from behind the door where we were just chatting away and wouldn't you know it... we saw this.

An elk. Well, part of it at least. I went all the way to Wyoming to find Wild Life and all I had to do was drop by my friend's house and she had it sitting on her dining room table. Look at that rack. Now that's a fine lookin' creature.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Skipping Rocks

Yellowstone Lake is a big beautiful lake with inlets and coves for miles. This crystal clear, calm water was beckoning us. So, like any normal family, we picked up rocks and started skipping. Well, some of us started skipping. Why are there no pictures of me skipping? I don't skip. I sink. I throw like a girl and actually almost smacked one of my kids with a rock. I was then officially designated-picture-taker.

Throw Baby, Throw!
It's all in the technique apparently. I think the best was four or five skips.... and 1 sinker. Hey, I roller skated growing up!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thar' She Blows!

The wait for Old Faithful is worth it. We hung out in the Old Faithful Lodge (beaut-i-ful!), T took a nap in a comfy chair, we got some warm coffee and then made our way to the staging area. Us and 1000 other people.
Apparently Superman thought Old Faithful was worth stopping by for as well. Actually he is a cyclist that was on a killer ride with lots more but his costume... his costume. Gotta have fun sometimes in life!

And here we all wait. And wait. And wait some more.

Finally she blows up and wouldn't you know we are in the wrong spot! So after waiting to see this spectacular geyser blow her top off and we see only her steam from the wind blowin', we decided to stick around for the next "showing" 90 minutes later. Hey.. it's vacation. No schedule here. We hiked around, saw some more volcanic waters bubbling out of the ground and made our way to the top of the lookout. and then we were ready!

Now that's more like it!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can you say GeoThermic or just Stinky?

Yellowstone is one giant volcano. Which I never knew before this trip. There are geothermic sites throughout the park. This gorgeous stream is literally next to the pictures below. The water is warmer than a typical stream due to the run off from the HOT water.
See the walk way going around the pool? It is way cool how this is constructed. The water is steaming and the colors are a vibrant blue and orange. The winds pick up now and again and hence... the hats that lost their way. There is no way you can go out and retrieve them so there they sit.

Isn't this an amazing blue??

We enjoyed this place. It wasn't as stinky as another site we went to. Some of the geothermal pools are very very stinky like a huge does of sulfur! More on those later.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brother-Sister Love

It's hard to even put into words the joy my children bring me. But to watch them together, now that's a whole new level of unexplainable joy. Oh, don't get me wrong.. the will argue and get into discussions or grate on each other, that's normal life stuff happening. But, it isn't the theme they live by. They really do love each other. They all do get along and when one is gone a piece is missing. On our trip I saw them laugh, talk, hug, parlay, tease, and even give in for each other. I love being their mom and I love seeing them love each other. I told them when they were young (really young or for Terrell.. really really young) that if they couldn't get along in our home they weren't going outside to play with anyone else. I spoke over and over again.. we have each other forever, this is where is counts, learn to work through issues with us here not out there, talk to each other, what we do in our home will carry over into your own home someday, words like that. Oh the countless words I spoke into them. I'm not sure they even remember them all because it was a part of our daily life. Good thing women speak 50,000 words a day! I know I used mine up and then some. But I can say.. they have not returned void. God has shaped each of them as individuals but they work so well together. Joy. Delight. My kiddos.