Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brother-Sister Love

It's hard to even put into words the joy my children bring me. But to watch them together, now that's a whole new level of unexplainable joy. Oh, don't get me wrong.. the will argue and get into discussions or grate on each other, that's normal life stuff happening. But, it isn't the theme they live by. They really do love each other. They all do get along and when one is gone a piece is missing. On our trip I saw them laugh, talk, hug, parlay, tease, and even give in for each other. I love being their mom and I love seeing them love each other. I told them when they were young (really young or for Terrell.. really really young) that if they couldn't get along in our home they weren't going outside to play with anyone else. I spoke over and over again.. we have each other forever, this is where is counts, learn to work through issues with us here not out there, talk to each other, what we do in our home will carry over into your own home someday, words like that. Oh the countless words I spoke into them. I'm not sure they even remember them all because it was a part of our daily life. Good thing women speak 50,000 words a day! I know I used mine up and then some. But I can say.. they have not returned void. God has shaped each of them as individuals but they work so well together. Joy. Delight. My kiddos.

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