Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guatemala Bound!

Yep.. all we need for one week right here in these packs INCLUDING our sleeping bags and mat. Oh yes we can.

Well... this is it. The time is now. Guatemala, here we come... in service for Christ. It's 9:49pm and I will be up to SHOWER, yes shower at 2:40 am. And blow dry my hair....much to my husband's dismay. Uh huh. Last time for 8 days. There are 35 of us going. As I type this my girls keep walking in and asking questions... Becca: Is this good or this one. (books) Me: Their both good. Take that one though. Becca: Oh I'm bringing more than 2 books. Boo: That's gonna be a lot of extra weight. Silence. I think Bec will be taking more than 2 books. Keep us in your prayers this week. There is supposed to be rain. No biggie, we can handle getting wet. The biggie: our hearts. I think we are going to be GREATLY impacted.
So.. my list of must-dos. We all have one. Missions. Always has been and always will be. After 20 years of marriage, finally, finally, I'm going. A dream come true! Next time... my man's coming too. I guess 2010 is a dream making year for me.
I'm hangin' on. Let the ride begin.

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blessedmomto8 said...

WOW! That is so awesome! Praying for a great trip for you all! with lots of work done for HIM!