Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heading Out... Off to Yellowstone

Wide open spaces...

Wyoming is a diverse state in landscape.. from plains to roaring mountains.

Ice cream! What's a vacation without pit stops?

Landers is a great small town; a biking Mecca with very friendly people.

Can the sky be more blue? Wow!

The Fam!

Our oh so great truck and my oh so great husband checkin' out the tie downs.
We set out 7 am on July 2nd for our long awaited family vacation. We had the campground reservations since January. Yep.. I've been planning for months. Vintage was packed and the kids were ready. Off we went across the state of Wyoming to Yellowstone. One week, just my family. Could be our last big trip for awhile with two of the kids going to college in a matter of weeks. My biggest worry, daily check, paranoid feeling... bad weather. I just couldn't do cold again. Well, it was glorious all week. If it was chilly, we had a sweatshirt ready and a campfire by night, and LOTs of blankets at night. A great start to a great vacation!

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