Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bunko for Guatemala

What night with a bunch of women would be complete without a lesson on leg wrestling!
My friend Dee Dee brought both her kiddos! Thanks Dee Dee!

Silly Amanda! Sneaking in the two Tina's picture. :) and Becca doin' her sneaky thing too. Goodness!

The upcoming mission trip (this month, AHH!) to Guatemala with our youth group requires $3900 total for the three of us... Me, Becca and Boo. We have about $2600 so far. We have done cake sales, house-sitting and letter writing. Well, in getting creative, I decided to host a Bunko night to raise some support. We had moms and their kids all yelling Bunko! My girls went to the community to see about getting the prizes donated. Every single prize was donated! We are working so hard to get all we need to go. It hasn't ben easy to say the least. This was a very fun way to help our cause. We're not quite finished yet but I believe God will provide.

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