Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day

So I am really late with this. I tried earlier to post it but the silly blog site wouldn't upload this picture. So now you have it! Isn't his smile amazing??
T is a great dad. He leads the family by example. They see him pray, they see him work and work hard I do say. They see him serve, they see him work on our finances and learn about responsibility, they see him do whatever he can himself before he ask someone else.. build walls, fix cars, hang lights, maintain lawns, refinish decks. You name it. His son is capable now to fix and change his truck from his dad's leading. His daughters mow lawns and budget money from his leading. They read the Word and pray from his leading. The list goes on. I am grateful for my husband.
So here's to Terrell. Happy Father's Day... again. :)

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