Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camping Fun

After the shock of this wore off, the camping fun began. Of course food, fishing, games, and laughter were everywhere. The family friends we went up with brought their fishing gear and graciously let my kiddos use it. Bec caught two trout..go Bec! I always over prepare in the food department but this time I actually did well. We had some yummy dinners and yummy breakfasts. See those eggs frying up. T did a GREAT job on my eggs. Nothin' like cookin' outside over an open fire. The families minus me went on a day hike. It killed me to stay back but my sinuses were aching badly and my book Death and Dying had to be finished. Doesn't that sound fun! Instead I ended up with a crazy sunburn on my face (more on that later) but did finish up the book. A great read by the way. Camping at its best.

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