Tuesday, June 15, 2010

American Girl.. Denver

One Happy Girl!

Oh Happy Day! My baby waited and waited to see a REAL American Girl store. When we found out the store was coming to Denver she decided that would make one great birthday! I totally agreed. I told the family. They complied.. hard to do for the grandparents ya know. A big fat Thank You to the grandmas and grandpas! Okay back to the story.. so why did we go in June when her birthday is in April??? Oh that's right.. we got a HUGE. fat. very wet, closed down the highway snow storm the day we were all dressed up and ready to go! Patience paid off. She contemplated and thought and contemplated and thought some more. Which doll? An iPad instead? For over a month we, WE meaning she would have long discussions with me, no.. to me, when I was ready to turn the light out and tuck her in bed. I was pulling the covers up ready to walk out and it would start. My hand on the light switch saying uh huh, uh huh. Over and Over. Finally she decided to spend her b'day money at American Girl and so it was planned. And so we went. Now for the moms out there, you know when those infamous American Girl magazines come in the mail, your daughter spends hours over them trying to decide what is on her wish list and to actually walk in the store and see the real thing, IT'S MAGIC!
Dreams do come true.

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