Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Sane

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I love the warmth. I also love sleep. Both of which are happening more lately. What does this all mean... Sanity my friend!

I can work and work and work some more. I have cleaned out drawers, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned out my dresser, planted in my garden, and watered my garden, all because of heat. The sun is my friend and so is the thermometer when I see the number 80. Someone walking out of a building the other day said, "Oh it is hot." I smiled and said,"Isn't is great!" He just stared at me. So he must be a native is what I figure. When it's cold, I don't do much moving. It just binds me up, including my brain. And my body. I wear so many pieces of clothing when it's cold who could move? Let alone feel free as I do with shorts, a t-shirt and bare feet! Oh the joy of heat.

What else should I clean? Hmmm...

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