Monday, June 7, 2010

Guatemala Mission Trip July 23-31

My girls and I are traveling to Guatemala this summer with our church to serve the people. Many of you may have heard recently about the tropical storm that hit and left much devastation to the country including the sinkhole that swallowed a building and people. We will not be in this area but this again creates chaos and much heartache for a country that is already challenged. I have shared here a few pictures of the kids in our 1st meeting doing trust and cultural exercises. The group of young people and adults are working well together and building unity amongst ourselves. We have amazing group leaders that previously served the people we are visiting and they are offering a wealth of knowledge to help us enter their world with much respect and the Joy of Christ . I won't kid you, this will stretch up far more than I can explain here. The little bit we get to take over, the difficult sleeping arrangements, the lack of showers and the sameness of food will cause me and the rest of us to become what we are not today... changed. We have 1500 dollars left to raise between the three of us. If you are or anyone you know has a heart for the people of Guatemala, please help us go. The girls and I have worked hard doing projects and bake sales here on this side and will continue to do so in hopes of raising money through work but want to open the door for you to contribute to the movement of Christ in our lives as we go to Guatemala. IF you are interested in contributing to our mission trip you can send a check here:
Tri-lakes Chapel
1750 Deer Creek Road
Monument, CO 80132
Please put our last name in the memo column. We have a family fund for the three of us.
Here is the website of our church: There is also on option for online giving.
Thank you for even considering this for us. We go in the name of Jesus, representing Him and loving the people the way Jesus would.

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