Sunday, June 27, 2010

8000 Foot Shrine

On top of the world!

High above the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is the Will Rogers Shrine. Apparently, Mr. Penrose, the builder of MANY things in our area, including the zoo, loved his friend so much he built and named a shrine after him. The road is long and very curvy to the top. Once there though, the views are spectacular. The stairs just about kill you up and down. When we finally reached the top my old " Hey why don't you jump" voice came in my head so I inched my way to the wall to check out the view. The bigger lower levels were fine but with shaky knees and the voice almost screaming JUMP! I veered away from the small confined edges. The girls sang a song in the Music Suite and we peered into the Chapel not sure who was being worshiped in there. I kept thinking this place is a good pondering spot. I think I shall come back and ponder.

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klinsfamom said...

How fun! I have that same voice, no joke. That is half the reason I became a psych major in college. :)