Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life and Times of Littlekins

Could two kiddos be any cuter???? I love this age! Toddlerhood and Preschool... the age of discovery. We spent the day exploring life.. why does the tree look like this? Why does Charley do that? Why doesn't this McDonald's have ice cream? What does Ola mean? What color is this flower? On and on went the questions. So much fun! We went on two walks together, one in the morning, one after dinner. They convinced Uncle Rell to go the second time. How quickly he forgot what walking with littles is like. A rock here that needs to be kicked, a flower that need to be picked, a bug that needs to be squashed, questions and intrigue! Uncle Rell convinced K to catch up using his infamous one line.. FOCUS. Little Man now has a new word and uses it well. Such a joy! The day was a blast and we have more tomorrow planned. Can't Wait!

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Joanna said...

SO SO SO SO cute!!! I love these. And I hope you are making me a CD of them. :) I will bring you a CD. Thank you so much for watching them....they had a BLAST. They love being with you guys (as do we of course) :) and I am so thankful you live close!