Monday, June 14, 2010

TnT: Downtown Denver

This building was right across the street from our hotel.

Lots of old churches in the Downtown area.
View from pool top.
Our hotel...The Warwick. Great place to stay.

Downtown Denver with lots of clouds on the horizon.

The CheeseCake factory... Oh Yummmy!

This delicious thing is a Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake.

The long awaited time away finally came... but went too fast. I finished up my 27 units for the semester on Friday and was ready for a break. T and I decided to be spontaneous and chose a "Secret Place" through Travelocity. Okay, so we needed budget friendly! The only parameters we chose were Downtown Denver and 4 stars. The place we ended up with was wonderful! Warwick Hotel is an older place full of character. The pool on the rooftop was very creative. I'd recommend it to anyone. So, in trying to decide what to take, you know Denver and its weather, I packed three, yes 3 suitcases. Summer and Winter clothes. Turned out to be a chilly weekend with rainy days and cloudy skies. We DID, however, swim in the 85 degree pool and we DID walk everywhere, umbrella in hand. The culture is wonderful and once again I am reminded city life suits me just fine. We went to a jazz club for music, walked and walked some more on and around the 16th Street Mall (much needed considering the calorie intake), saw a movie, played cribbage, had champagne and sat quietly... all in a matter of 48 hours. We explored different restuarants, had martinis while people sang Ole Ole Ole and watched the World Cup updates. There were no less than 10 Starbuck's in the small area we walked. No lie. Now it's over, we're back home and honestly, I'm ready to leave again. I loved being away with my husband to reconnect. Must it end so soon?

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klinsfamom said...

Good for you two! I enjoyed the Denver pictures as it has been years since I was there last. Thank you for sharing. Now, I need to go and arrange some time away (or maybe just here) with my husband.