Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can you say GeoThermic or just Stinky?

Yellowstone is one giant volcano. Which I never knew before this trip. There are geothermic sites throughout the park. This gorgeous stream is literally next to the pictures below. The water is warmer than a typical stream due to the run off from the HOT water.
See the walk way going around the pool? It is way cool how this is constructed. The water is steaming and the colors are a vibrant blue and orange. The winds pick up now and again and hence... the hats that lost their way. There is no way you can go out and retrieve them so there they sit.

Isn't this an amazing blue??

We enjoyed this place. It wasn't as stinky as another site we went to. Some of the geothermal pools are very very stinky like a huge does of sulfur! More on those later.

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klinsfamom said...

Tina, We went on this same vacation a few years ago and loved it! Glad you are enjoying your vacay.