Saturday, August 6, 2011

And She's Off

Summertime is a wonderful time for me. It brings warm temperatures, flowers, vacation, projects but mostly at this season in life, summer brings my family back together. All the kids that are scattered for college come back to the nest for a few short weeks. I can not believe it is already time to send one of my babies off again. Bec has a great job at school as a Head C. A., what we all called an R. A. in my day. She is also blessed in a big way this year with the only on campus apartment IN the dorms! She's ready to take on year 2 at WWU and obviously by the amount she's taking back, will be busy settling in.

Anxiety or Excitement? Hmmm..

Daddy is doing one final check on her engine before the long drive to Missouri. We had a bunch of work done this week on HER car, even new tires at a steal of a deal. Oh the Blessing that were ours this week!

Bec and Fishy are ready to take on the road. She crammed and stuffed EVERYTHING she possibly could in her car and trunk including a western saddle and a live fish. Ahh, college life at its best. This is gonna be a great year for my baby girl, full of change and adventure. The change: Bec didn't have a car last year and the big news for her this year, she is taking her very own car back. Adventure: Well, she is driving all the way to Missouri and where ever else her 4 wheels decide to go this year. Whoo Hoo! Let the adventures begin.

6:30 am

And she's off! Love you sweet girl! Happy Trails.

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