Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkins and Corn Maizes..It truly is fall

 What a wonderful fall day.... October 13,2011.  This year I was bound and determined to find a truly aMAIZEing corn field to get lost in, I mean explore with Lina to during our fall break. After asking every family (it seemed like every family!) in my classroom where the best corn mazes and pumpkin farms are in Colorado, we found a winner. Anderson Farms is in Northern Colorado, near Erie. Not a bad drive either and considering the northern farmlands are truly my favorite part of Colorado, I was more than willing to go!

MK and Lina had a great day together. We felt like the farm was all ours; no crowds, no waiting in long lines, and the fresh smell of a working farm.

 And we're off! The corn maize IS the reason we ventured up north and we were not disappointed. Oh man is it one BIG field. My navigators did a great job using the map and finding the numbered stations along the way. Eventually though, we did get lost or just tired of trying and started navigating Tina style... turn right, right is always the right way, right?  Really, I don't know anyone who wouldn't get lost. It's SOO big and after a while one path starts to look like all the rest; tall corn and dirt paths.

 I love corn. I love farms.  Put me in the farm WITH the corn and I just had to take a self-portrait! Now to BUY a farm with some corn... hmmm.

 The ghost town was closed up for the day but we were able to take a sneak peek. Some truly creative thinkers came up with these grave stones. :)

Another highlight of our day was riding the wagon out to the pumpkin patch. Along the way our driver stopped to visit a few cow friends. We all know how much I love cows. Well, this momma was hankering for some nibble. She was feeding two new babies and wanted herself a break from the usual. She slime(d) Lina with her tongue while grabbing the pellet. Too Cute!  I just wanted to go hug her. What is it with cows and me?

Me and my baby girl. I love this little Chicky. And this house... yeah this has my name written all over it. Problem is I hear Mr. Jones saying,"I have enough projects, Honey." My man is right but I can't help myself. Old. Farm. Wide open spaces. Cows. It just beckons me. Can't you just see me in my apron calling my cow for dinner then sitting on the front porch swing, sipping a nice Merlot, watching the sunset?  Yep.. me too.

Clear blue skies, corn fields, pumpkins, the Front Range not too far off... what more could the eyes behold.  A perfect fall day.

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Shauna_Rae said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! My boys were sad that the pumpkin launching is only open on the weekends now. I'm with you, I would love a little farm house with a pumpkin patch in the back. Northern Colorado has so many pretty farms.

Your family is BEAUTIFUL! Kaylee always talked about how pretty your girls are, and she is right!