Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Snowy Sort of Autumn Day

Last night the weatherman assured us we had a snowy sort of morning in store for us. I wondered if this was really true. I awoke earlier than all the rest of the house and it felt like Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to sneak out of our bedroom and tip-toe down stairs to look for the present Jack Frost left overnight. Sure enough, there it was... bright, blowing snow.

Today is October 8th, mind you, not December or January.  The fall has just begun and only last week I bought pumpkins to decorate my classroom. Funny thing is, I have been getting excited about Christmas already. I've walked into our storage room this week to get the fall decor and my eyes quickly go over to the Christmas boxes.I even considered getting the fake tree up really early in the basement this year. Christmas is so short and all. I've even wanted to start shopping for stocking stuffers and pretty wrapping paper. So snow.. well.. it only encourages the Christmas spirit even more.

I think I'll turn on Christmas Carols and watch Christmas with the Kranks today.  

Merry Christmas.... I mean Happy Fall everyone!

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