Monday, October 31, 2011

And Away We Go...

 Our 22nd  wedding anniversary and some well needed time away were a perfect match for this getaway for two. T and I wandered on over to Santa Fe for some RnR at the southwestern resort. La Posada. It was an easy drive with time to talk and read. Yes, read. We stopped on the way out of town and grabbed Ted Dekker's book Green.  T drove, I read. He asked if I wanted to switch, he read and I could drive. Umm.. no. I love reading out loud and just as much, dislike driving. I do hope they invent a car one day that drives for me. Anyhow, what a great read ... I am sucked in!

 We went out to dinner the night we arrived, our anniversary. We found a great Mexican place but the wait was crazy long. So how do you avoid long waits you ask? Ya sit at the bar and order food. It wasn't the romantic type of place anyhow, so why not?! We met this gal, Lora, from none other than our old stomping ground in Cali AND to boot, her husband works for Hp. We had great conversation about life, places we love like Apple Hill and Lake Tahoe, ate some de-lic-ous food, and finished it off with our only picture (taken with T's cell phone) together that day... with Lora of course! How funny is this! Our 22nd anniversary picture with a gal we only met. :)
 Our room has this cool fireplace so what better way to end the evening than with a fire and my man.

And smoke. The ventilation wasn't so good, turns out. We had a great fire with the windows cracked....good thing we had warm blankets.
 Day 2... Trader Joe's, the 2nd reason, okay, maaaaybe the first reason, to go to Santa Fe. We stocked up. Yeah baby!

After sightseeing some of Old Santa Fe, we went back to enjoy our resort. T and I enjoy some friendly competition here and there. He won twice to my once. Strategy or luck? I'd like to believe luck. 

A little Cribbage

with a wonderful fruit and cheese plate
and some Apothic Red. Perfect.

 The resort has some quirky things about it like smores...inside. Hey, it's chocolate. I'm not gonna argue.

 And finally... a picture with the love of my life. We had one special night out on the town. Dinner, conversation and each other. Twenty-Two years has flown by for us. We've lived a lot of life together. I want more...  a lot more.   I love you SHJ. Only you.

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