Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

 The Loretta Chapel is an old church full of mystery. It isn't the church exactly that is the mystery but the staircase inside. T and I visited this church on our getaway to Santa Fe over the weekend. After much anticipation, I couldn't wait to see this staircase to heaven... that is after we paid our three dollar admission.

As the story goes, this church was in need of a staircase to the 2nd story balcony but there wasn't anyone capable to build such a thing; the church was all women. The balcony is very tall and the church quite narrow. One day, a kind man came with a few hand tools and offered to build them a staircase. He worked for months on this one piece of wood. When it was finished (without the railing in the original form) he left, not accepting payment and never to return. The story goes that it was an angel sent by God, just for this church. The wood is not from this part of  the country and the design is so intricate as well as once piece of wood, the mystery still stands. It was a sight to behold. Quite beautiful. Who really knows the story behind the Loretta Chapel, but a miracle? Oh yes, God still does wonders for His people today.

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