Friday, May 6, 2011

Singing a New Song!

Two months ago, a tragic accident almost took our friend's daughter. Now she sings for her Jesus in the hospital. Shaela is a typical 16 year old girl. Junior in high school, sisters to love, parents that care and a church youth group who supports.

It was coming home from youth group with her big sister when this accident took place. Shaela has lost her eyesight unless a miracle takes place. She had many frightening moments where we all prayed for God's mercy. Through this journey her family has received support from the community in ways we've never witnessed. God has received the glory for what could have been a nightmare.

Her life will never be the same but neither will the lives of all those who have watched, prayed and now see what a Big God can do.

When our kids were tiny three year old, they'd sing this song:

"Our God is so Big so Strong and so Mighty! There's nothing our God cannot do for you. and you. and you. and YOU!"

Yes, Shaela, our God is so Big, so Strong, and So Mighty.

We rejoice with you in your healing and the testimony He has given you.

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