Friday, April 29, 2011

Early American History Field Trip

This week we wandered off to Denver to step back in time. The afternoon was filled with all sorts of history based on the year 1778. I was excited to go with our friends and their kids. It gave me more time with them and no driving in the city. Yeah. When we arrived I went into my calm, quiet state. It was warm, there were blossoms on the trees, the grass was green and again... it was warm. Totally took me to my place of serenity. Kind of like meditation without the HuUUUmmmmmmm. Give me heat and green grass and I am one happy woman.

The girls are playing a fun game that we decided we can make. Two sticks each and a ring with some pretty ribbon on it. How easy is that? So if you have a Bday coming up and you're not a grown up, you'll be getting this game.

They practiced fetching water. I told Lina to go down the creek and back. She stared in disgust. So there wasn't a creek there anyhow. It was just the idea!

They washed clothes in a bucket and hung the clothes on the line.

This gentleman was working with hot coals and bendable iron. Yeah, way cool job.

These gals played beautifully! Loved to hear young people play so well on their instruments.

And this ALWAYS gives me ideas. I would love to do this at home especially on a warm summer night. If only we we weren't under burn restrictions. Too bad.

The last event of the day was the re-enactment of the battle with the Red Coats. Of course history proved itself here and we won the battle! My friend bought us all these scrumptious cookies ooozing with molasses to eat during the battle. Oh goodness, they were so good.

This was a great way to complement our school year as well as get us some well deserved Vitamin D.

Yeah Homeschooling!

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