Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Roof

In the year of 2009 I was talking to my neighbor and told her this:

" I am praying for a BIG hail storm. We need a new roof."

She was thrilled and said she wanted a new roof too. Most of us on our block did in fact; our homes are all 20 years old. A new roof would help the bottom line don't ya know.

Well, the storm did hit shortly after our little chat and she was so excited to let me know they were getting money for a new roof! Actually, EVERYONE around us got new roofs. There were "roof chasers" knockin' on our door daily. We were so excited! Surely a new roof was ours too!

Umm.. no. no. no. no. no. Our sweet (note the sarcasm) insurance company said, "Ahh, you can have a tiny bit of money but your roof isn't ready to be replaced." You're kidding right. It's shake, the hail was YEEEAH big, and did I mention it's shake? We fought with them over this "ruling" but to no avail. For some reason, yet to be known by me, God chose for my prayer to be for everyone else this time.

So here we are 2011 and our roof, well, let's just say it's a bit older and a bit more ready to be replaced. After some serious conversations and a few more serious conversations the decision was made. No Big summer trips, one Big roof. ( okay so I'm going to Cali in May but that's with miles. That doesn't count)

Bid. Bid. Bid. I think 5 or 6 in all. Finally a decision and now the big day. Write a check, get a roof. Oh the satisfaction of a new covering.

So this summer when I want to go on a BIG trip and feel like complaining but KNOW that I shouldn't, I'll go lay in my roof and dream that the hot asphalt under me is actually sand burning my skin. I'll bring a recording of an ocean up there so I can hear the ocean tumbling in my ears. And maybe, just maybe, have the kids spray me with the hose once in a while to pretend I got splashed by a BIG wave.

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Rodney said...

Well, just... Have some fun at home with the kids. Maybe that's going to help you feel a bit vacation-y. Just think about your roof. Aren't you happy that it's all brand new?

Rodney Orton