Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parenting 101: #1

So when you write a blog and it is your blog, you have the liberty to write what you want. Right? So here is Post 1 of Parenting 101.

The show Super Nanny was made for me. Really. It was. I love the show and love seeing families find peace back in their lives (not just their homes). When it was made though, no one told them about me and hired the Brit with the wonderful accent. So, now ya'll get to hear me here instead of on WORLD WIDE t.v.

Today at an event I attended, a sweet momma told her sweet 2 year old it was time to leave. The sweet 2 year old sat her little boo-tay down on the ground and said,"No". The momma said it again and still the little one repeated herself. So I watch this unfold wondering what Momma was gonna do about this. Sweet Momma proceeded to walk away, wave and say,"Ok then, goodbye." I was sure my mouth was hanging down by this time but I resisted, yes I did, saying an.y.thing.

Now in my younger years I was quite honest with my friends. We all were. If your child is manipulating a situation and my friend didn't see it, well, we had a chat. And I would expect the same from them. Okay so it wasn't a chat. it more like this:

"You just lost that battle and your 2 year old won. Did you see that he/she is now in control?"
That's where I was today but I did good. I didn't say a darn thing. I have learned in my years that not everyone wants to hear me. Shock I know.

Why is it such a big deal that Sweet Momma let her child sit down and not listen? It's two-fold.

1. She is the parent and as a parent must make sure she stays the parent.

2. More importantly and much bigger in the vast scheme of life, our children learn from us about God. God places the parents in authority and when the child learns to obey, the child becomes soft and tender towards obeying God later. God is soo creative. He knew how to set an example early on in our life. It's imperative that we reach down to our children, scoop them up in our arms, look in thier eyes and say.. without hesitation,"Momma said it's time to go. You need to obey me the first time." Hug them, love them and off you go.

I would pause right then and there when my kiddos were little and explain ,"God gave you to us and just as Momma and Daddy have to obey God, you have to obey us so one day when you're all grown up, you will be quick to obey when God speaks to you."

Yep. It's that simple. Okay.. so maybe not always but when a momma and a daddy work as a team and the little ones know they mean what they say and why, the family has peace. The child has peace.

So there you have it. Number 1 of my Parenting 101

I love families and my heart leans in towards them. I don't have it all together and have made my fair mistakes but there are a few things I've learned along the way. And surprise, surprise, Ya'll get to read them here!

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