Monday, April 18, 2011

My Graduation Gift

I graduated from college in December and received a great gift of hard earned cash from my parents. I couldn't decide what to get: Ipod, Kindle, clothes, or an expensive purse. I knew I wanted it to last a long time and mean something every time I saw it. I just couldn't decide so I waited until I could. I did what my husband does every time he makes a big decision, I did my homework. I researched and researched some more. Four months later and I finally made up my mind. When I settled in on a Kindle, I jumped in with both feet. I ordered it and waited patiently for it to arrive. Now that I have it in my hands, I can't put it down. So far I have downloaded two books, a game and a Bible. I love reading and this little device is sucking me back into reading and away from this typing machine. Thank you Mom and Dad!

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