Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Boise Bound

A little time away to visit the folks was well overdue. T could work from Boise and Lina had a vacation day so we took off across 84 to Idaho. I love seeing mom and dad and enjoy getting out of dodge a bit too. We enjoyed some gorgeous scenery along the way; colorful trees and a soft glow from the sunset. The weather was perfect; no crazy storms to contend with and no icy roads to slip on. Mom and Dad treated us to breakfast, lunch and dinner. We covered all the bases visiting restaurants and diners I hadn't been to before. Luckily they have an elliptical in the loft to work off those added calories from all the delicious food we ate. We watched Hallmark movies and drank hot coffee. Mom, Lina and I shopped and well, we shopped again. It was a marvelous time away! Sometimes you just got to get away a little bit and what better place than visiting two people I'm very thankful to have in my life. 

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