Wednesday, December 2, 2015

So Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time I think about preparing early. Then I actually do prepare early. Buying a big turkey, making sure we have food for the whole weekend, any special desserts, house cleaned and ready to go, all of it done as early as possible so I can be kind and well... kind. I pull out the white board and write lists. I check off list and rewrite list. Some things we just learn about ourselves through the years and one of those for me is that Early Preparation leads to a Peaceful Home.... and being kind.

What started off as a Thanksgiving with just the four of us turned into a year of just the thirteen of us. I am so happy!

We had Rob, Joanna and the sweet kiddos in first followed by Boo and a few of her friends and then one of Becca's best friends and her boyfriend. Really, so many people. So much fun!

There were games, music, laughter, staying up later than we ever do catching up, lots of food, exercise to burn off all that food, the Vancouver's Christmas Tree lighting, putting up our Christmas lights, cutting down the tree, and watching the Broncos beat the Patriots.  All this in 5 days!

Did I mention I was happy?

And Thankful. Am I ever thankful.

They're practicing their dramatic faces. 

Love, Love this picture! 

Apparently one of the ducks is named after Boo! 

Some serious tree huggers . We are in the PNW!

Love these smiles and so enjoyed our time together. 

My heart is filled with joy. So very thankful.

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