Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hiking in the Rain, PNW Style

It's raining here. Surprise!

But in-spite of that my sweet man asked me to go on a hike with him. At first I was like, eh...really? But being housebound days on end is a drag, so I embraced the idea and started pondering what one wears in the rain around here. It's warmer this week than last so just a few layers and my water proof jacket, thank you Costco, was enough. No umbrella, ella, ella. T heard of another trail system near our regular hiking spot. We drove by where we thought it might be and after looking for it ever so closely, we found the small, singular sign by a hidden driveway. We've driven past this park so many times. Who knew?!

I was completely wrong about hiking in the rain. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. It wasn't a crazy, stay inside, wind knocking down trees rain and the canopy pretty much protected us. Of course I always enjoy being with my husband, so give me him and the outdoors... I'm simply joyful.

The landscape in Washington is breathtaking. When we hike, I have to stop, breathe in a bit and take in the beauty. I have my own Secret Garden that I share with the rest of Washington but when there's only two of us on the trail, it feels like my very own. We explored as much of the trails as we could before dusk.

The ferns here just grow. And grow. And grow. No maintenance require. They even grow out of trees. No, really. Just amazingly beautiful.

There are also some cool mushrooms here. Different colors, shapes, and sizes.This one looked like someone carved into it.

Now that we discovered we can hike in the rain, where to next? God knows, and I really mean HE knows, how much it rains here, and how much I need my outdoor time. I guess it's time to acclimate to the liquid sunshine and just go! Welcome to the PNW.

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