Friday, December 11, 2015

A Gospel Christmas 2015

So it's raining still, in case you were wondering. but in spite of the sour weather, we weren't gonna let a little rain stop us from celebrating Christmas and all the fun happenings of Portland. Last year we missed out on many fun December moments still trying to figure out life here, so I had my list ready this year. We did the Christmas Tree Lighting in Vancouver, Check. Now it was time for some down home Gospel music and dinner with our girls. Yeah for dressing up and going out on the town!

We sat in the very back row. Not a single row was bad in this concert venue and actually the sound resonated just fine from here.

Not sure WHY these stuffed dogs were under the tree in the lobby of the concert hall but two cute girls and two stuffed animals called for a picture to be taken.

Then there was this scene. 

Hey that's a nice backdrop. Let's get a picture there... or two or three by the time they smiled and stopped laughing. Kind of fuzzy to boot!  

I enjoyed the concert and the company! Who knows what fun event we will discover next year. Until then....

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