Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bunco Babes

Bunco is a great way to laugh, mingle, and have a little friendly competition amongst friends. Last night was no exception. Cami asked a bunch of us over to have a teenage daughter/mom Bunco night. I was not only excited to play Bunco again but very excited about time out with my girls and other fun families ALL IN THE SAME ROOM. Whoo Hoo!
Ok, a time of reflection... we've been here almost two years now. We love it here, really love it and call it home. A lot of you have heard my moving philosophy; it takes two years to settle in and by year three you feel like you belong. Well, we're approaching the two year mark this fall. The kids have some solid friendships. They are active and settled in their youth group, growing in their walk with the Lord, content, and enjoying life. Terrell and I don't let a day go by that we don't say, "I love it here. This is where we belong." We love our church family. Belonging to a body of Christ that is moving in the same direction and seeing God do a work is so refreshing. The heartbeat of the church is in rhythm; we feel it every Sunday. An expectation is in the air, calling us; we are all ready, waiting, looking, expecting. You know we prayed and prayed for a number of years about moving from California. It was not an easy decision but a God directed dream. It takes time and a great amount of energy to reinvest your EN-TIRE life story into other people. It takes time to be vulnerable and show your true colors in hopes that the people you now call friends don't run the other way. It isn't easy. Sometimes it's down right exhausting. I know some don't even think about moving for that very reason. Why change what's not broken? That's valid but I am here to say I am glad we did. We followed a dream that was planted in our hearts years ago. Not by us but by God. I would dream at night about Terrell and I searching for a place in the hills; driving and driving, looking for something we knew were to find. It wasn't just a one time dream, it would happen over and over again through the years. So here we are.. almost two years later. Oh, I'm so glad we made the move. So glad we took God up on His dream for us. Is it over? By no means. New dreams are planted today. As long as our hands are open and our ears listening to His voice, God is going to continue to place more before us; to challenge us, shape us, excite us, make us more like Him. All us this from Bunco. Who would have thought?


Smithlings said...

I am sooo happy that you had such a FUN evening with "the girls." They look like gals I'd enjoy hanging out with, too! Wonderful photos... But did you win? :-) HA!!!

You are missed here, but we are glad that you are starting to feel at home there.

Love & Hugs,


Anonymous said...

As part of a family that has been moved from a community far away and called to this place,...I couldn't agree more. You've said it well.