Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Survived!

Finito. Finished. Done. No more. My College Algebra class is done. This class kicked my bootee. I had one more math class for my degree and I chose to take it online. BIG MISTAKE!!! My friend Danny helped tutor me through the rough spots and I am happy to say it is over. I cried and asked T to take me out of the house for awhile. We went over to Palmer Lake, backed in the truck and sat on the tailgate. The breeze was blowing and the yappy dogs were barking. :) I grabbed my camera and we walked over to the other side to enjoy the view. Taking pictures is relaxing to me. I came home far more relaxed and ready to jump into my next two classes tomorrow.


Krissy said...

So proud of you for sticking it out. We lead by example, right? Your kiddos are watching, no matter their age. A new favorite word: tenacity!

Reg said...

These are awesome pictures! I want the one of the train! You should print up some of your pics and give them as gifts this Christmas. Very cool!