Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here is Annabel!

My niece, Annabel, is here! Sweet, calm, lovely. We had a chance to see her tonight and spend a few minutes of quiet with my brother and sister-in-family. I was so sure Annabel looked like her sister but after looking at her brother in this post here on his first day, I stand corrected. She does look like her brother AND her sister. Of course that makes sense, now doesn't it? She has her own look, her own personality, her own purpose. God gave that to her many days ago, before she was born. Oh the marvel of God's handiwork!
Welcome to the Family!

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klinsfamom said...

Oh, those sweet little honey-kissed cheeks are begging to be cuddled! You are so blessed to have Miss Annabelle in your family - congrats to them and you.