Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gotta Get Away!

I just had to get away this weekend. We have gone none stop for three plus weeks and for me a day trip away from the house and all the responsibility goes a long way. I didn't want to think about my research project. I didn't want to think about lesson planning for Lina. I didn't want to think about my job and the newsletter waiting at home for me to put together. I didn't want to think. Period. So away we went Monday to a little town off I-70 called Georgetown. We walked and browsed. We got back in the car and went down through some winding roads. We stopped for coffee. What's a trip without Starbuck's? And finally we stopped in Boulder to eat dinner. A day just like I needed. Away.

Look at that spot. There was something on my lens! Ahh!
Lina and I held our breath through each of the 5 tunnels on our way home. We did great. Of course the tunnels aren't so very long, so that helped!

FIRE!! Yep. We wondered if we were gonna be detoured due to this fire. We made it up and back with no problem. I even got a text AFTER we got home from someone in Cali asking if we were okay. Boy, news travels fast!

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