Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Had a Fight with the Stairs...

...and the stairs won.

Some memories came rushing back about a half hour ago. Now I didn't say they were GOOD memories.

Let me retrace my story for you.

I was walking down the stairs tonight and my feet came out from under me. I then proceeded to see the ceiling as I fell to the floor. Luckily it was only the bottom four. I fell on my OTHER shoulder (the good one) and now have Advil in me to alleviate the aches. So in the, oh, 30 seconds of falling, I re-lived 5 years of my life. See, I wore braces on my legs at night for the first 5 years to deal with my feet turning in. We had a bi-level home at the time and beautiful wood floors. I became intimately acquainted with those wood floors during my early years. Let's just say my feet did not cooperate like they should have. I had black eyes in more of my pictures than not. Cute little blond girl with a big black eye. So darling! Sooo, as I was falling those looong 30 seconds, Plop, ugh, ow!, I distinctly remember falling the WHOLE flight of stairs head over feet when I was just a tiny little thing.

Why must the stairs always win?


blessedmomto7 said...

YOU POOR THING! Prayers to you my sister!

Anonymous said...

YIKES - R U ok? Hope so.
Love and prayers to you my friend!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Tina Marie,
Hoping that you're feeling better!
I get so frustrated when I hurt myself! Glad nothings broke.