Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gabe's Big Celebration!

Happy Birthday Gabriel T.Gabe celebrated his 18th birthday with family and friends at Claim Jumper's this year. CJ is a family tradition for Gabe so we were really excited to have discovered it in Denver.
Thank you Joanna for taking our quarterly picture! Yes, we really are old enough to have an 18 year child. WOW!

Check out Caleb and Gabe's food!
The Kurtz's came out in style to eat with us.
So after dinner we went to the Beautiful Mall for Gabe's BIG moment. He's been waiting two years to have his ears pierced. We told him at 18 and only then. So 18 and only then it was.
No Fear.

My family... love them way more than ever.
After the long trek home due to traffic issues, Gabe opened his gift from us. We got the boy hikers. Hey.. it's Colorado! Everyone needs a good pair. He loved them!

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Reg said...

What a fun evening. Not related his b'day at all, but your hair looks longer...are you letting it grow. And Boo's is so pretty straightened. I'm wondering how long that took her! Hey, where are the pics of him with the earrings? Glad everyone had a good to all. :)