Saturday, March 7, 2009

48 and Looking Great

We made this card for him this year. It was a fun way to show how much we love him!

My sweet husband is 48! Oh, trying to decide what to do for his b'day was quite the challenge. I searched for two joke. You should have seen my house. I was way OCD on this... sending out emails for recommendations, looking the Internet over for dinner suggestions that wouldn't cost our family a small fortune, and finally throwing my hands in the air. We went from dinner here, to just getting the meat somewhere, to going out only for dessert.

But then I found I was quite happy to see discounted gift certificates for nice restaurants! We called, we bought our gift certificates, we called again, and then we realized we couldn't use all of them at one sitting.. nope. Only one at a time was accepted. Now that wasn't gonna help us. UGH! Back to square one. Soooo... we went back to our old standby. TGI Friday's for hor'doveries. We really had fun. We laughed, told stories, and ate some yummy food. Best part is that it didn't break the bank. Yeah!
One more thing I do for my husband each birthday is to make him his fav*or*ite cake...Pineapple Upside Down Cake. He loves it and we aren't huge fans so it's a special treat for him. That's one thing I did right this year!
So all's well that ends well. It ended well. :)
Happy Birthday My Love


blessedmomto7 said...

LOVE THE CARD! Happy birthday Mr. T! You are THE EXACT SAME AGE as The Captain! Swing on in for a visit any time we have PLENTY of room!

Teters said...

Happy B'day T!!!

Smithlings said...

Belated B-day greetings from all of us to Spike! :Sounds as if you had a great celebration. :-)

Love & Hugs,

A. & the rest o' the Smiths