Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winter Storm...4:11 PM

That would be my trail there in the snow.
The driveway is gone.. all snow now. Gabe went out in this mess to see a friend. I KNEW my 'Burb would be handy one day! See, that lift did do more than make my truck look mighty fine.

My chili is done and I have a Cup of Joe in my hands.
Never thought I'd see this word this winter..... but there it is, sure enough.

High: 26°
Low: 8°


Smithlings said...

Even though it's warm & sunny here, that cup of coffee sounds pretty tasty...

The snow is lovely!!!!

Thanks for all the updates, Tuna!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Oh the beauty!! Again reminds me of those days in Mammoth!
But don't miss having to drive in it!

Reg said...

It looks soooooooo pretty! Stay warm, safe and dry.