Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hikin' in Palmer Lake

See that rock up there... we were there. It isn't elephant rock but it was some rock just the same. We came down the hill. Yes, you heard me right... down, down, down.
Remember the rock in the last picture.. here it is. We were on top of the world here. So beautiful.

Palmer Lake, Colorado. This picture is also from the ROCK.

Deer leg.... does this mean a BIG cat is nearby? Hmmm...

Me and trains... Love to get them in my pictures.

Some where over there is Elephant Rock.

Cool old truck end. It deserved Black and White.

The barb wire was in the middle of the tree.

I can't say it enough... we have some wonderful hikes in our neck of the woods. I can say that this bootie of mine is out of practice and hikin' wipes me out. I must get back into shape! Swimsuit season is approaching all too fast! Thankfully I have Amanda. She drags my behind up hills and down valleys. I chat on the flat part, she chats on the uphill. Good match since we're both talkers. This hike was new for me. It was out near Palmer Lake, Co. We were searching for this infamous rock. Yes, a Rock. What we found were spectacular views, a deer's leg, and a rusty old half truck. What I got was a great work out, fresh air, and time with my friend.
Whoo Hoo for hiking!


Krissy said...

I am so happy for you - a new wonderful friend and new spectacular scenery!

blessedmomto7 said...

Man that lake area is beautiful! I could see myself there ;) I also got TOO MUCH JUNK IN MY TRUNK sister, I need to get out and walk. Fighting a sinus infection has slowed me down.

Sara Kay said...

one time, when i was at bible school in Estes, a guy took an elk leg and put it under my windshield wiper. it looked much like that deer leg you saw, but was stuck on the dashboard of my car...that is all. Random story for you. :)

Reg said...

What a great view! Looks like a fun hike...probably really nice in the summer with it all green. The lake looks low...we all need more rain!!!