Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation May 19, 2009

This is Gabe and Tony. Tony is our youth pastor and Gabe's mentor this year.

Proud Dad!
Becca and Grandpa had a measure off to see who is really taller.
Kadence and Keaton with their grandpa.

The girls got Gabe a Colorado State sweatshirt for his gift.

A Very Yummy Cake! Except the black frosting made our smiles and lips purple. Uh, huh.

Rob and Jo gave Gabe a very cool watch for graduation. Gabriel received some really special gifts from family and friends.
Yep.... Only picture with my boy.

Silly boy.

Three generations.

So... graduation is over and boy was it a full week. Great family time and lots of work indeed. Cook, clean. Cook, clean. We had a marvelous family dinner the night before graduation and also went out to eat with the T-side for a nice dinner another night. My mom cooked a great country breakfast the morning after graduation and we all just ate ourselves to death.... all week long. I am really proud of our son and his accomplishments. He is excited and ready for college. I am also soooo happy he had both sets of grandparents here to celebrate. That doesn't happen often anymore with all the distance between everyone. So, this boy of mine is grown. Graduation is complete and now off he goes to join the world and make his mark. He has already in my heart already.
So here's to Gabriel T. Hip Hip Hooray!


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Great pics! Glad you all had a great time. Congrat's again Gabriel!
Auntie Kim

Reg said...

Oh what a nice post to honor him! I hope I remember to take pictures at Jen's. These are great good to see family, been too long already!

The Klins Family said...

Congratulations to Gabe and to YOU and your husband for raising such a great boy - soon to become a man!