Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our OCD Days of Truck Hunting are Done

Our good friends, Bob and Holly, did us a HUGE favor! Terrell found a truck in Roseville, Bob drove it and checked it out, we bought it, and then the adventure began.

We said, " Hey drive it out! Come see us!" So off the spontaneous family went from California to Colorado. This is Canada, their adorable Lab.. she got to experience the back of the truck on the way to the grandparents.

Here is our Yukon getting gas somewhere in between here and Utah.

And here it is on the way to the property in Cotapaxi. We all bought some land a few years back and this gave the V's a chance to check it out.

And here is the V family somewhere else on the journey.
We played pool and ping pong too.
Shane and Lina are being silly having a good time together.

Gabe really wants cornrows.. Holly tried!
The men had a good ol' competition of ping pong.

It was great to see Holly and catch up even though it was short lived! Boo Hoo!

Boo and Hannah spent all their time catching up. We hardly saw them for 24 hours.

They did all their favorite things.. making cookies, taking pictures, running around, and of course talking!
We are so thankful they came..... and brought our new truck. What a great adventure!

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teters4 said...

Love the truck! Nice to see the V family...they all look great and the kids are so grown up!