Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meet Lilly


Meet Lilly. Sweet Lilly joined our family today. She's a Dumbo Rat and oh so adorable... as rats can be. She's so cute and Angelina loves her! For her Birthday we promised her a pet; she's old enough and she's ready. We did our research between a rabbit, hamsters, gerbils, and a rat. We had great success with a rat when Becca wanted a pet and so here we go again. Oh the joys of growing up. Of course as Murphy would have it, we sold our rat cage years back and now need it again . Now if only I could have my pet cow.


blessedmomto7 said...

OH MY STARS! Living on the farm has given me a distinct DISLIKING FOR ALL RODENTS!

Luke said...

My wife loved her rat.


Reg said...

She's so cute! Congratulation to Lina on her pet. I forgot that Becca had one! Jen was just reminscing about "Snuggles" and oh, what was the other one's name?