Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can You Stand a Long Winded Women?

Kadence is such a cutie patootie. Her little squeaky voice just makes you smile.
My girls are really attached. I love the relationship they have. Reminds me of me and my sister.

I know I've told you many times but I'm gonna say it again. This place is beautiful. For so many years T and I dreamed of living in the mountains. I would even dream of us house shopping, driving for hours over hills looking for something. I really believe we found it. Do I miss California? Oh yeah. Great friends, our pool, family near by... I miss all that but I know this is where we belong. So now with that said... enjoy the walk we took on Thursday. Me and the girls. This is up the street and around the corner. I've never walked this street and it was spectacular.

That's Pikes Peak in the background.

This is a main road just outside of our neighborhood.
This sweet church is around the corner from our neighborhood. It has a cemetery I visit once in a while. Call me weird... I really like cemeteries. When the first three were little... real little, I took them to a cemetery for lunch. They still tease me. Hey, there's real life lessons to learn at these places.
So now the life update: All about Tuna Jones
I'm doing well. We have had a great school year and look forward to a great summer. Here is some highlights and disappointments along the way....
1. School. The kids are doing well. Becca and Boo are happy with the part time home part time public school set up. Lina has a great school and an awesome teacher. I truly miss homeschooling her though. As far as my schooling, it is going well too. Almost done with two more classes. I'm attacking each day with a vengeance and crash each night.
2. Church. We have a great body of believers to celebrate Christ with each week. The spirit is alive and active. I have served in Awana this year and it's almost done. Lina finished Book 1 this week. What a huge accomplishment. We are really proud of her. She wants to take a discipleship class so she can learn how to share about the love of Jesus with kids at school. The kids are active in the high school youth group and going on a mission trip this summer to an Indian reservation in Montana.
3. Weather. You know.. it hasn't been bad. The storms come and go but it isn't this horrible thing. When it doesn't snow it's sunny and 40 here is warm. The cold allows for modesty too. That's refreshing. We are expecting this big fat storm tonight. They say we could get up to two feet of snow. Something about an "Albuquerque Low". I get excited really. The snow is so beautiful and we rent movies and eat yummy food. :) Doesn't that sound great!
4. Our Home. Love it. It's big enough for family but feels cozy enough for T and I when the kids grow up and leave. T is still working on the office renovation and then we hope to start painting the main level. The basement is a blast to have and we've thoroughly enjoyed the theatre. There are a few things we'd like to change long term. It's on a list and will happen soon enough. I would like a new faucet sooner than later at the kitchen sink. The one we have is too short. Drives me crazy.
5. Charley Girl. The dog. She is happy and loves the snow. She loves being outside. She loves being inside. She loves us. She also thinks every yard is her yard hence the new fence will go in next month. She scared the neighbors to death recently and now she is tied to the porch when we aren't home. How sad is that? She's very good but has a wandering spirit and so she wanders away. No fun! I surely would hate to lose her.
6. My Health. I'm not a complainer so this will be short. I'm not sleeping at night well. I fell down a few stairs not too long ago and my right should is still messed up. My left shoulder isn't right yet either and this is affecting my neck. I do workout but not like I'd like too. Probably only twice a week. Only so much time in a day, you know. My eyes are swelling for no apparent reason, usually after I'm on the computer or worked out. My hearing keeps coming and going. More going than coming. I sound old. I wish our insurance had better chiro coverage. I think I need a massage.
7. Children. I still think about adopting. Thought I'd closed that chapter but as I turned the page the title on this chapter was.."Hey, why don't you revisit the adoption conversation?" I am mother, mommy, mom. I like that title.
8. Truck. We love our Burb but it has 135000 miles now. We have become OCD about looking for a newer one. Notice the ER part. We don't buy new. Not only looking but looking nationwide. Like I said..OCD. Can't decide if this is the time or not. If you see a picture of a truck soon you don't recognize.. we found one.
9. Gabe. Graduates May 19th. I still hold my breath when I say it. I can't believe this day is here. It was only yesterday I gave birth, at least I think it was yesterday. He is off to college this fall and what-do-you-know, we have one adult child living amongst us. Wow.
10. Vacation. CAN NOT WAIT!!!! We need this terribly. The kids have been very patient about a family trip. With Gabe leaving this fall this is our last chance to do it big. So BIG it is. We are going on a three week trip that includes the following places: Kansas, Memphis, Louisville, Atlanta, Orlando (week in time share here), New Orleans, and finally Austin. History, Family, Friends, Mickey Mouse, Good Food and Hot Sunny Skies. Our goal is to get very dark. and eat yummy food.
So that's the run down. I'm sure there is more but I figure by now I lost most of you anyhow. Who reads this ol' blog anyhow beside my sister? She HAS to... like listening to stories late at night in our full size bed when we were growing up. She was there and I would talk. Some things don't change. Now I just type more than talk.


Sara Kay said...

I read it! :)
Glad to know you guys are feeling settled in and happy.

blessedmomto7 said...

Um, I notice you mention Kansas-WE WILL be finding you and stalking you! Massage-ME TOO! Hugs friend!

Anonymous said...

Ok so please tell me when you are coming this way... I hope I am here. I am trying to make it to CA for a few weeks this summer we will see! H

Krissy said...

Lani wants to know if California fits into that list??? She is dying to see Lina! So glad to read all your thoughts. Keep it up.

Sis (the one that had to listen to your stories late at night when all I wanted to do was sleep) said...

O.k. I'm trying not to be jealous of your vacation. It just sounds like fun to go on another road trip together! I would say I have come a long way in reading your blog since just a couple of years ago (or less) I couldn't figure out what a blog was. Even though we can't see you as much as before, we get to see what everyone is doing...keep blogging!!!