Saturday, April 11, 2009

Father-Daughter Dance

Tonight is a special night for our Terrell and Rebecca. Tonight starts a new tradition of my man taking our amazing daughters to a very special dance. Our church does an annual dance for fathers and daughters. Terrell is going to take a different daughter each year. Good thing I don't have 10 daughters.. it'd be a long wait! Tonight is Becca's turn. She looks stunning next to her handsome dad.


blessedmomto7 said...

OH MY-she is just so stunning! Love this tradition! Have a blessed Easter friend!

Smithlings said...

Stunningly beautiful and handsome are adjectives that come to mind! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. I am sure that they had a fun time. :-)

We so very much enjoyed getting to visit with Mr. Jones this past week. Gabe, too... Now I just need a good face-to-face/heart-to-heart with you.

You are loved & missed, my friend!