Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Yep... Lots more snow! Definitely required a cute couple out front to celebrate.

Charley thinks the snow is bo-diggity. She loves it.

Our friends drove by "just to check out how much snow we had" and wouldn't you know.. God's timing is perfect. The mail lady needed pulled out. Their truck is set up for such a thing and they went to work.

Wood pile is almost covered over.

Kids were sledding out behind the house on the hill. It is still snowing and we love it! I never thought my spring baby, Angelina, would have a snowy birthday. (It's tomorrow)

You can hardly see Charley's legs. It's really deep. I think we got near the two feet they predicted.

Our neighbors blessed the kids with a toboggan! Isn't that cool!
Here are the Sister Muggers ready to play outside.


Reg said...

O.M.Gosh! That is so much snow! I LOVE Mr. and Mrs. Jones! They are adorable. Too wierd...Dave is getting the overgrowth under control in our back yard and drinking iced tea and Terrell is clearing the driveway of snow!

Jenna said...

Thats amazing!!! Totally oppostite from here lol!!!! How fun, I wish i was there with you guys :( oh well, another time...have fun!!! JEN

Anonymous said...

That looks like a BLAST!!!
Lawrence's would love to be there sledding!!