Friday, December 2, 2011

Dang it.

Six weeks. 6, count them, 6 WEEKS. Six weeks is usually an amount of time for a recovery whether a baby, sports injury, doesn't matter, pick an injury and you usually hear, "Give it about 6 weeks.". Six weeks is usually that magic number.

So you would think.

My dang ol' foot is a mess. More precisely, my toe joint and the area all around it. Of course from walking funny, the rest of my foot is not happy anymore either. The toe joint-area burns tonight. It isn't no fun being held back by such a thing as an injury that you have no clue what the injury is!  And yes, that IS a double negative in one sentence..on purpose!

How does one like myself, simply walk into my daughter's room, hear a POP in her foot and then not be able to walk for 6 pickin' weeks. Tell me? Is it just me, I ask, that silly ol' things like this happens to or are there other 40 something year old women  walking around, no, hobbling too?

Did I mention my house has three levels?

Did I mention that looking cute or even slightly attractive during the Christmas season with some darling heels is OUT OF THE QUESTION!

Did I mention I am a teacher who stands and walks most of 8 hours?

I finally have an appointment Tuesday with a podiatrist. Oh he better have some answers cause I'm not going to continue to gimp along acting like there's nothing wrong.

IT HURTS and needs to go away.

Like yesterday.

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