Friday, December 9, 2011

My MRI Nap

Who would have known when I scheduled my MRI, I would get a nap for free?

Let me back up a few days...

Finally got into a Podiatrist this week and he took some more Xrays of my cute little foot. Well, after looking at them and seeing a Sesamoid bone not looking so Sesamoid-ish-like, an MRI was scheduled. I strolled on in today thinking the worse...Was I going to be clothe-less? Would I freeze for 30 minutes while trying super hard to be still? Would I suddenly feel the need to run out? What if the water I drank earlier hit me in the middle of the scan? AHHHH!

Well, I walked up to the receptionist and said,"Umm.. I have a killer headache. Can I take Advil?" After getting her approval and drinking even MORE water, it was time to be shoved, I mean placed in the tube. I told the gal running this GIANT machine I run really cold. No problem... they have plenty of blankies. So far so good. Then she said the magic words, "Oh stayed dress."  She fluffed a pillow, placed my foot just so, tucked me in all cozy and gave me ear phones. I was thrilled to stretch out for 30 minutes. Anything to get rid of this headache. She chuckled and explained how LOUD this machine is while running. Hey, I needed the rest. I snuggled up and laid real still. With each bang of this magnetic tube, which by the way only went up to my waist, I rested even more. The banging was so rhythmatic it helped me fall into a nice rest.

It was only 30 minutes but just what the doctor ordered..literally. And  I left without a headache. Two for the price of one. I'll take it!

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