Saturday, June 30, 2012

Probably NOT my brightest moment

So how many geese does it take to fill up a washer? Looks like today I got to find out! (Said in my hugh squeeky voice.)  Yeah, talk about A MESS! Goodness merciful heavens, I have been doing laundry for two days straight. Blankets mostly from camping and a few loads of clothes, annnnd two sleeping bags. It was time to give my pillow a good washin', dust mites and all. Who knew you couldn't do that? Apparently, me. THEN, then, the washer decided to act up again after I cleaned it out. Okay, so I thought it was all done. I had to open the "clean me out" plug and WHOOOSH goes the water. Suddenly these words came bellowing from the basement,"Mommmmm! There's water coming through the vent!!!" Just what I want to do today: pull out my washer and dryer for a good floor scrubbing on top of all the other chores on my list.

Hope the geese are happy.

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