Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hockey Time with some great friends!

This is how he keeps his stress under control when the weather is yucky outside. Go Terrell!

The four day sleepover marathon!
How busy can one person be and still live by their motto of Simplicity?
Let's see...
1. Help Gabe get all college stuff in order for new school. Buy books, fill out application, deal with COF funds, call CSU for withdrawal procedure.. and then some.
2. Start two classes of 5 for the semester with Regis. One five week, one eight week.
3. Start and finish 2 projects for school each requiring a 10 page paper and presentation. Oh yeah, weekly homework and papers as well.
4. Awana leader
5. High school co-leader for girls Bible study
6. Friends visit for weekend.. yeah friends.
7. Start a Candida cleanse ... again. Maybe this time I can stick to this sucker and actually start to feel human. Is it possible? Hmmm.
8. Mom
9. Wife
10. Cook ...ha!
11. Calendar keeper and family advisor
You get it... my days starts at 7 ish AM and keeps on going. I do stop for my quiet time and some brain down time but I'm in a season of busyness. I am okay, just tired. But I think my tiredness is due to this stupid Candida running rampant in my body and the need for more sleep. I still need 10 hours every night. Does NOT happen. Oh yes.. and the arm hand falling asleep waking me up to remind me of my issues. Oh doesn't this sound like fun!! Can you tell I'm sick of being tired???! The food thing is another biggy. I need to start repeating over and over.. I'm allergic to sugar, I'm allergic to sugar. Then maybe I can have more energy. But I realllly love it. So I suffer. How stupid HOW STUPID!
So.. Life is full. With having all my chickies back in the nest it makes it wonderfully full. For how long.. who knows?
I think it's time for another weekend away with my main squeeze.


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Yes, that was me last semester. I don't think I have ever been busier! Try to get yourself in bed as early as possible and keep drinking a lot of water and have a small piece of dark chocolate every few days. The new thing is its suppose to give you lots of energy! We'll, that's what they say. Anyway, keep in the word He will keep you going!

Krissy said...

I understand all about being busy, really I do. My only good advise is to remain abiding in Him. Say no to anything extra and breathe deeply. Know your friends love you and we are praying right along with you. Let's talk all that free time we have! lol miss you.

klinsfamom said...

I like the dark chocolate idea!