Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A little catching up

Whooo.... ssssh!.... went our summer. It all stated in May with the excitement of my first year of teaching being complete. It was a tough year and one of great satisfaction. But because of the busyness of the school year, I haven't felt like writing. So here I am playing catch up. One quick word here or there.
Schools Out. Time to Play.

Graduation. Already? Beautiful. Honored.


Camping. Memories. Sunshine. Laughter.

Incline. Up. Breathe. Accomplishment.

Iron Horse Classic. 50 miles. 7000 ft ascent. My Man.

Classic '85 4Runner. Gabe. Engine Swap. Experience.

Denver. Red Rocks. Dinner. A Full Table

College and Beyond. Friendship.

Rebecca's Work. Flowers. Gift. So Thankful.

TnT Escape. Enough Said.

Teenagers. God's Word. Crafts.

Good-Byes. New Beginnings.

Fire. Devastating. Sad.

Mother/Daughter Camping Adventure. New. Independent.

Vacation. Family. Finally Tan! Time Away.

Me. Him. Them.

 Well, there ya go. Our summer all in a whirl. All that's left is sending off two beautiful girls to college. Wooooo... now let me sit down and catch my breath. 

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