Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gabriel and Sarahh Beth ... Wedding Day

Just a perfect day....

Might as well have fun waiting patiently for pictures to begin.  It is a wedding! The Colorado State campus in Fort Collins was a perfect setting for wedding pictures. We met there in anticipation of seeing the bride.

 The two Thruston MEN. Where did those years go?

Maybe they should call the bride?

 And now it's time for that first look... the anticipation is killing him. Sarahh walked a long path to her groom. We were all there watching, enjoying every single minute of this day.

 Here comes the bride!

And who says you can't kiss your bride before the ceremony? Such a sweet moment for two people in love. Makes a momma's heart smile.
Seriously. This man of mine is holding on to our girls hearts for awhile. Oh my, oh my. When that day comes for this to be their turn, he's gonna be a mess!

 It tried to rain a bit so out came an umbrella to protect the girls. Turned out to be darling for pictures.


They were jumping for joy! It's time to celebrate and sometimes these three just like me taking  jumping pictures with my fancy-smancy camera.

Cousins youngest to oldest.  They look like the Von Trapp Family Singers.

And every wedding has the infamous family pictures. Trying to decide where to stand. Should we smile? Look serious? Stand on our tip toes? Finally it's, "Just take it!"

photo credit: Britteny Borowski Photography
photo credit: Britteny Borowski Photography

Here she is! The blushing bride ready to meet her groom.

photo credit: Britteny Borowski Photography
photo credit: Britteny Borowski Photography

photo credit: Britteny Borowski Photography 

I could say so much about this day and maybe one day I will but the pictures say it all. This one, blurry and all, shouts out...... WE'RE MARRIED!!!!! 

Gabriel T and Sarahh Beth Thruston united in Holy Matrimony on this day, May 31st, 2014.

Congratulations you two. I love you both.

Couldn't leave without a silly moment picture...  Like I said, a perfect day.

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