Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Basement by 2's.

It's a new year and a new adventure. Living in Washington state has been full of change. We rented a home for 2 months, bought a home during those 2 months, moved twice during those 2 months and now we're taking on a basement. The house we found had an unfinished basement which was great cause we could put our own touch on the place and Terrell could enjoy using his abilities and creativity in building. The girls jumped right in and I, well, I am consulting, being the moral support gal, and trying to stay on the upper 2 levels as much as possible. The plan is to have 2 bedrooms and bathroom, storage room and family room/theatre. Each bedroom has 2 windows and the bathroom will have 2 sinks. Two girls will live down there and with this theme of twos, maybe it will be done and ready to enjoy in 2 months!
The HD  has truly become our store of choice for most of our supplies. They made one BIG delivery of all the lumber, sheetrock, and insulation. It is piled up on one side of the basement along with our "stuff. We are moving our "stuff" from place to place or up in the dining room. We've had contractors coming and going giving us bids for work from plumbing to electrical to inserting windows. It's a learning game for sure and my man rocks with this kind of work.

We hauled all the lumber, sheetrock and insulation from the garage to the basement. Boo counted how many times these stairs were used that day, too many to count!

 Once we had our plans in hand from the architect, T started framing.

This is Bec's walk-in closet. I know, How does she rank? She would say pret-ty good

Two beautiful helpers.

I could only think of Rosie the Riveter when I took this picture. My girls are just awesome. I know I'm partial but seriously, nail guns, hammers, and building walls!

Back in the day of  living in Northern Cal, we have a friend who helped T with another home project. I hear him saying."Measure twice, cut once". D. Smith... here you go. "Measure twice, nail once".

Oh Hollywood! She's so silly. Everyone has been a helping hand or 2. We can't wait to enjoy this handiwork!

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